Research services

Our commitment to conducting relevant research and utilizing research findings is core to our ability to deliver on our capabilities. We strive to deliver research outputs that provide cost-effective recommendations. As such, we rely on our inclusive approach to conducting research that ensures that our clients' needs are placed at the centre of the process while supported by the experience of our experts facilitating the research process.

Our research capability include developing innovative, cost-effective research tools and methodologies that facilitate the design and implementation of complex research assignments (e.g. organizational, social, economic, political etc) to inform broader local and regional policies and organizational development including corporates, small businesses, development agencies and non-profit organizations.

Dajo's research project quality framework ensures that the final product is according to the highest standard and is one that can be effected within policy and strategy development, implementation and assessment.

Research projects we can deliver among others include:

  • Sector studies
  • Economic development studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Impact studies