Dajo's competences in public policy issues enables us to inform the formulation of appropriate developmental outcomes. This requires contextual knowledge about the appropriate balance between policy formulation, governance and regulation and welfare enhancing outcomes.


Our industry foresight and knowledge is based on our strength in identifying key issues that our clients encounter. Our innovative methodologies help us to develop appropriate organizational interventions that enhance your capacity to compete. We have the capacity to support our clients undertake change initiatives, develop differentiated sustainable, responsive organizational models.

Small business

The small business sector has seen a dramatic growth of interest from policy makers, practitioners and researchers among others. Responding to this interest, Dajo has the capacity to provide technical and functional support utilizing appropriate tools and methodologies specifically for the sector.

Development agencies

The sustainability of non-profit organizations is critical for governments as well as development entities that make use of such organizations to complement or meet service delivery goals. We have developed several interventions to support such entities as well as government departments intervene at a strategic level to assist non-profit organizations build the required organizational capacity.