Strategy Advisory

At Dajo, we recognize that the needs of our clients are varied and are constantly evolving to remain competitive in an ever-increasing resource-constrained environment. Furthermore, the strategic planning process varies from organization to organization with greater emphasis placed on particular elements of the process. Our aim is to deliver impactful insights and support to our clients during their strategic planning process.

Our starting point is developing an in-depth of our clients' needs through research and is supported by our collaborative approach to strategic planning that ensures there is meaningful engagement with stakeholders at different stages of the process.

We make use of industry-accepted tools where applicable, but, we add value by developing our own participatory, context-specific tools informed by the organization, industry, and market among other factors. This enables us to provide support that strengthens our clients’ strategy development and implementation capacity.

Our strategy advisory services span all sectors with our areas of focus including:

  • Strategic and implementation plan formulation
  • Business model review and/or development
  • Business process design, development & review
  • Industry/sector analysis
  • Organizational development and transformation